Success Forever

We at  Successforever Inc.  can help you in achieving your Corporate Goals and Growth needs by training your employees. We can help you with customized Leadership Training for your organization. Our training covers the following areas: Growth, Goals, Communication, Priorities, Influence, Leadership, Legacy, Overcoming Adversity & Team Building. We also provide customized Mastermind workshops for your organization.

Hari Iyer

President & CEO

Hari Iyer is a highly successful professionally qualified person. He was one of the top management executives in one of the largest investment banks in India. Wanting more in life, he took the giant step of quitting his job as the CFO and immigrated to Canada in 2002. After coming to Toronto, Canada, he started his Accounting and Tax consulting business. He is also a Licensed Financial Advisor. He has helped hundreds of people to
become financially free.
His passion to help people in Leadership and Communication skills drove him to become a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker of the John Maxwell Team. He has committed to making a difference in people’s lives.
He says, “he is honored and privileged to be mentored by the #1 Leadership expert in the world – Dr. John C Maxwell”. Hari Iyer was one of the 200 Coaches selected by the John Maxwell Team to train and transform the lives of tens of thousands of people in Paraguay and Guatemala.
He is a regular speaker at the Toastmasters club. He is a Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM).
His mission in life is to change people’s lives by teaching them, mentoring them and personally coaching them the necessary leadership skills. He founded the Leadership training and coaching company Successforever Inc. He says, “It is very unfortunate that schools and colleges do not teach the leadership skills. Schools teach us what to think and not how to think”. He continues, Academic Qualifications are like an entry gate pass that gives entries to a Corporate door but a positive attitude and leadership skills will keep you inside the door”.
SUCCESSFOREVER, will make your strength the cornerstone of your strategy and guide you to a brighter tomorrow.