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Breakfast for the Mind

Video Series

You will be receiving a video lesson every 2nd Monday throughout 2019.

Each video will certainly add value to you.

Some of the topics will be Focus, Determination, Persistence, etc.

I promise you it will help you in your career, in business and your personal life.


You can receive these 26 video lessons every second week only if you opt-in for it by paying a token $1.00. That’s right just $1.00.  This offer is valid only for all those people who click the link below and pay the $1.00 before the Midnight of December 31,  2018 EST.

After January 1, 2019, you may still subscribe for the Breakfast for the Mind – 26 video episodes for $99.00.

Now you are getting a $99 value for Just $1.

$1 Till Dec 31, 2018 ($99 regular)

I want to reach as many people as possible and send them positive thoughts and vibes.

Hari Iyer